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2019 Production Clinic

ALSCO - San Jose

January 24 & 25, 2019 

ALSCO hosts the 2019 WTSA Production Clinic 

Approximately 115 people attended the 2019 WTSA Production Clinic in Milpitas, CA.  Greg Rogers opened the Production Clinic by thanking Paul Johnson and ALSCO for inviting WTSA to tour their San Jose facility.  

Frank Dargavage from Applied Silver was the first speaker on Friday morning.  Frank is Vice President of Applied Silver which is partially owned by Medline Textiles now and is EPA registered. Applied Silver uses Silva Clean which is designed specifically to work with hospitals, clinics and laundry providers as an additive to the rinse cycle. Smart cleaning with Silva Clean Technology infuses textiles with silver ions during the laundry rinse cycle which kills pathogens, mold, mildew and bacteria and leaves fabrics with residual antimicrobial.

The next speaker was David Prink from Alsco, San Jose.  David presented that ALSCO employs 127 people and has18 routes. Inside the San Jose plant they have equipment from Spindle, Norchem, Jensen, Neptune, Softrol and Automation Dynamics.  He also mentioned that they are TRSA certified and won the 2018 safety award.

Jon Witschy from Spindle gave a presentation on the productivity and enhancement from using Spindle. Spindle is in 22 Alsco facilities and increases production by 10-20%.  It is a user-friendly operation that has real time operator feedback with the Spindle LIVE page which refreshes every minute.  Spindle is all wireless and has a streamlined installation.

Steve Twombly from Automation Dynamics presented the advantages of using Automation Dynamics in plants. AD takes the laundry bags from trucks and employs a soil count system. They put tags on each bag that is then scanned to pick items to be sorted and counted.  This system creates more production at the plants.

The final speaker was Michael Soussa from Norchem Corporation.  Norchem is a clean technology engineering firm which creates chemical solutions, water technology, software solutions and other ancillary products.  They use Ultrapure filtration for water which removes most feed stream contaminants to non-detectable levels, well below BOD levels.  He informed us that ALSCO San Jose is using this technology in their plant currently. 

At the end of the very educational presentations, the group traveled from the hotel to the ALSCO plant.  The tour provided an excellent opportunity to see many of the items from the earlier presentations implemented in a production environment. The plant was in excellent condition and the plant presentations were very informative.  

At the conclusion of the tour, ALSCO treated the attendees to a boxed lunch. 

Thank you very much to David Prink, Paul Johnson, and the entire ALSCO - San Jose team for making the 2019 WTSA Production Clinic a wonderful success.